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Climate Prayer

23/09/2019 10:09:30 AM



In occasione del Climate Action Summit delle Nazioni Unite del 23 settembre 2019 a New York, Lev Chadash riconosce la centralità e l'attualità dei temi ambientali e l'urgenza di azioni concrete e positive da parte di tutti. Per questo in questo giorno speciale condividiamo una preghiera scritta da Rabbi Larry Tabick:

Ribon kol ha-olamim, Master of all worlds, You have given us this world to rule and to tend as our home. Now, because of our greed, avarice and disregard for the environment, the future of our species and countless others on this earth has been put into question. Help us to understand that it is the responsibility of each and every one of us to do what we can to avert or alleviate the crisis. Teach us to appreciate that the changes required will impact every level of human society, from the personal to the global. In an image from the Book of Daniel, the handwriting is on the wall; may we be brave enough to read it honestly and to heed its message. We are being weighed and measured; may we not be found wanting. With Your help, may we prove worthy of this world, the greatest gift You have bestowed upon us.


ven, 17 settembre 2021 11 Tishrì 5782